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100th Year Re-Dedication and New Monument
Commemorating the Catastrophe
~ ~ ~
The Cherry Mine Disaster of November 13, 1909


Cherry, Bureau County, Illinois - - - November 14 & 15, 2009
Photographs courtesy of Valerie Kuehn
Cherry Monument 2009
Dedicated To The
259 Coal Miners
Who Lost Their Lives
In the November 13, 1909
Mine Disaster At
Cherry, Illinois

Cherry Monument 2009
When the dead have all been recovered
and silently laid away.
When men have returned to their labor,
and the children have gone back to play.
When the last reporter has vanished
and the soldiers, too, have gone.
When the long, long train of sleepers
has crept away into the dawn.
When they awake from their nightmare of horror
and realize all they have lost.
When they understand the full disaster,
and all of its frightful costs.
Then will come days of anguish,
and nights when hearts will break.
When grief-dimmed eyes are sleepless,
and tired brains throb and ache.
Then they will need your pity,
and the help your purse will permit,
for then they will suffer a thousand times more
than the men who died in the pit.
Bureau County Record, December 22, 1909
Cherry Monument 2009
This is the front side of the rear marker. It has the names of the 259 men and boys.
The rear side has a list of the patrons who paid for the monument.
~     ~     ~     ~    ~     ~     ~
The Commemoration Ceremony
Cherry Village Hall & Library
Saturday, November 9, 2009
Cherry Monument 2009
Cherry Monument 2009
Cherry Monument 2009
Cherry Monument 2009 ceremony
Cherry Monument 2009 preformer
Performance by Bucky Halker

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