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Gillespie, Illinois - Macoupin County Illinois, - State of Illinois - USA

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Misc. Historic NEWS Items

The Hillsboro Journal, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois
Volume 18, Number 18
Friday, June 11, 1886, Page 5
Litchfield Shooting Scrape.
- - - - -
      A family quarrel between Mrs. Case Stephenson and Mrs. Archibald Strahl resulted Friday afternoon in a probable murder.The two women had a quarrel in the morning when their husbands were absent. On Strahl's return at noon his wife informed him that she had been insulted by Mrs. Stephenson. Strahl went across the street to the Stephenson residence and inquired of Mrs. Stephenson for her husband. She ordered him off her premises and then started into her house saying, "I'll shoot you!" Seizing a shot gun the woman emerged from the house just as Strahl reached the gate on his return home. She raised the weapon to her shoulder and fired, the contents of the gun finding lodgement Strahl's brain. She then went into the house, remarking, "I've killed him." The woman was arrested, and is awaiting the result of Strahl's injuries. It is stated that the affair grew out of jealousy on the part Mrs. Stevenson, who thought she had a grievance against Strahl's wife.
- - - - -
The Hillsboro Journal, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois
Volume 18, Number 19
Friday, June 18,1886, Page 1
      Mrs. Stephenson, who shot and killed A. Strahl, at Litchfield, is about thirty years old. and her worst fault is a violent temper. Her father, Churchill Wayne, lives not far from Bunker Hill, and is a well to do farmer. Her brother and brother in law were two of her bondmen. Archibald Strahl is said to be the son of wealthy parents, who would have given him a fair start in life, but he preferred to be a wanderer. He had been a conductor and a brakeman at different times on several railroads.

The Hillsboro Journal, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois
Volume 38, Number 7
Friday, November 23, 1888, Page 8
      In a quarrel at Carlinville Friday night a policeman named Owens shot and killed one Capt. Sydney Hall, of Nilwood, and at the same time was himself badly cut with a knife. The affray seems to have been a general one, taking place in a low resort, and the policeman was called in to quiet the disturbance. This is the second killing in Carlinville within a month.

Bureau County Tribune, Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois
Volume 34, Number 29
Friday, July 19, 1907, page 2
Plat Two New Towns.
- - - - -
      Carlinville. -- The organization of new villages in Macoupin county goes bravely on and there will soon be incorporated villages all through the mining regions. The citizens of Sawyerville, which is in the northwest part of Mt. Olive township, have voted to incorporate and the first election will be held in a short time. The other new town is White City, located at mine No. 15, west of Mt. Olive, which is also taking steps to organize.
- - - - -
Interurban Line for Illinois.

      The secretary of state issued a license to incorporate to the Madison County Interurban Belt Railway company. The principal office is at Highland, and the capital stock is nominally $25,000. The railroad is to be constructed from Staunton, Macoupin county, south of Williamson, Madison county, thence east to New Douglas, thence south to Grand Fork, thence south to Highland, thence west to St. Jacob's, thence southwesterly to Troy, thence west to Collinsville, Madison county.

True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois
Volume 51 Number 44
Saturday, September 5, 1908, page 7
Fined $100 for Wife Abandonment
- - - - -
      Carllnville. -- Robert E. Rakes of Sawyerville plead guilty to a charge of wife abandonment and was fined $100 and costs. He was released on the condition that he make monthly payments of the fine to his wife.
- - - - -
Fined $10 for Assault

      Carlinville. -- Thomas Graham of Virden plead guilty to a charge of assault upon a man by the name of Rooney and was fined $10 and costs in the county court He paid the amount and was released.

The Day Book, Chicago, Illinois
Volume 2, Number 258
Thursday, July 31, 1913, Page 26
      Carlinville, ILL. -- Nine bloodhounds being used to trace coal miner of Sawyerville who became insane from heat and escaped into woods.

The Macomb Daily By-stander, Macomb, Illinois
Volume 18, Number 134
Thursday, May 11,1922, Page 1
- - - - -

- - - - -
- - - - -
Woman Avenger Brought To Macoupin County Jail And Three Young Children Accompany Her To Cell
- - - - -
(By Associated Press)
      Carlinville, May 10 -- Mrs. Mary Sagec of Wilsonville, the mother of three children, followed her husband, Frank Sagec, to home of Mrs. Teresa Ketvotnovic at 2 o'clock this morning and shot him to death and accompanied by her children, the youngest of whom is less than one year old. She surrendered to a deputy sheriff without complaint, her story, as the deputy tells it, is that her husband left her for the other woman and that she followed him with Mrs. Ketvotnovic.
      She shot three times, the deputy said. The first two shots were at her husband. One took effect in the head and the other in the chest. Mrs. Ketvotnovic was shot in the arm.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 24, Number 76
Tuesday, March 4, 1924, Page 6
Boy Is Killed Playing With His Playmate
- - - - -
(By United Press)
      Carlinville, Ill., March 4. -- An unloaded shot gun in the hands of, a 10-year-old boy brought sorrow to two homes here late yesterday.
      Lawrence Johnson, 16, of Wilsonville, and Walter Supyecht, 10, were playing war. To make it more real the younger boy dragged out a shot gun.
      As Johnson charged the boy shot. Johnson died three hours later and the other boy was taken into custody to await the coroner's verdict which is expected to be accidental death.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 28, Number 167
Monday, June 25, 1928, Page 9
Hold Youth While Friend Is in Hospital
- - - - -
      Carlinville, Ill., June 25. --(U.P.)-- Leno Corrode, 19, Sawyerville, was held in the county jail here today pending outcome of the condition of August Lelli, 18, also of Sawyerville, shot and seriously wounded [by] Corrade. According to police, the latter declares the shooting was accidental. No charge has been placed against him. Lelli, in a serious condition, is receiving treatment at a Litchfield hospital. The bullet, after knocking out two teeth, lodged in the base of the tongue.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume Volume 29, Number 13
Wednesday, December 26, 1928, page 7
Two Killed In Mid Illinois Over Yule Day
- - - - -
      Springfield, Ill., Dec. 26 --(U.P.)-- Christmas Day was marred in central Illinois by two fatal accidents.
      Mistaking a bottle of nicotine for wine. Mrs. Cora Lee Devine, Lincoln, drank part of the contents and died a few minutes later. She was the mother of five children. William Devine, husband of the victim, said he purchased the poison several days ago to use in spraying flowers.
      Johnnie Stefani, 13, was fatally wounded near Wilsonville, his home, while he and a companion were shooting at a target. Each boy had received a new rifle for Christmas. They decided to exchange weapons for a few minutes, and in the transfer, one of them exploded. The charge struck young Stefani in the neck. Killing him almost instantly.

The Farmers' Weekly Review, Joliet, illinois
Volume 7 Number 38
Wednesday, August 7, 1929, page 2
      Macoupin county's and Carlinville's one hundredth anniversary celebration opened with the unveiling of a tablet on the place where Abraham Lincoln stood to give a campaign address when he ran for President of the United States. The monument on which this bronze tablet is placed is a boulder weighing 7,000 pounds, which was unearthed in the new state route built just west of Wilsonville in 1928.
- - - - -
Debate Monument Abraham Lincoln
spoke here on August 31,
1858, in the course of his
famous campaign against
Stephen A. Douglas
for the United States

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume Volume 29, Number 13
Wednesday, December 26, 1928, page 7
- - - - -

Wilsonville Officials Engaged in Bootlegging Traffic, Springfield Court is Told
- - - - -
      SPRINGFIELD, Mar. 10 --(AP)-- How bootlegging was brought home to the postmaster of Wilsonville, was detailed in federal court here today, by Pio Franckey, now of Spring Valley, who described himself as former partner of the postmaster, until ordered to get out of the county and quit the business.
      John Giachetto of Wilsonville who lost the job as postmaster because of his connection with the defendant. On trial with him are his brother, Peter and John Hubert of Gillespie.
      Franckey said he had complained he was not getting a fare share of the bootlegging profits. Giachetto responded by ordering that no more beer be sent him.

The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois
Volume 54 Number 203
Thursday Evening, August 25, 1932, page 1
Twin Babies Awarded Prize at State Fair
- - - - -
      Springfield, Ill., Aug. 25. --(UP)-- The better babies conference at the state fair yesterday was featured by competition between twins. A pair of boys, Donald Eugene and Kenneth Wayne, Battuello, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Battuello, Wilsonville, ranked first among the twins.
      The Battuello boys' score was an average of 97. Standing second are the 4-year old boys, children of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bean of Springfield with an average of 93.6.
      Highest individual scores yesterday went to Henry Allen Armstrong, two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Armstrong, Lincoln, with 99.3. This score gave him the first position in this division.

The Daily Illini, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Volume 62 Number 168
Sunday, March 26, 1933, page 3
- - - - -
      Bob Powers, Benton, driving a sedan, and James Picco, Wilsonville, also in a sedan, collided early yesterday at Neil street and University avenue. Champaign. Little damage was done.

The Daily Illini, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Volume 62 Number 168
Sunday, March 26, 1933, page 4
- - - - -
      HILLSBORO. Mar. 25. --(AP)-- Ira Bridges, 47, Litchfield , and his son-in-law Max Taylor, 28, Gillespie, convicted of the murder of night policeman, William H. Coulter at Litchfield, May 7, 1932, were sentenced to 11 years each in the penitentiary at Chester today by Judge Thomas M. Jett, of Hillsboro.
      Their attorneys withdrew motions for new trials before the men were sentenced.

The Daily Illini, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Volume 68 Number 217
Tuesday, May 23, 1939, page 1
- - - - -
      GlLLISPIE, Ill., May 22. --(AP)-- John Battuello, executive board member of local No. 1 of the Progressive Mine Workers of America, announced tonight that a partial settlement had been reached in the one-day strike of 2,100 miners in the Gillespie area.
      He said the Superior Coal company of Chicago had agreed to "recognize the union 's mine committees," and that miners would return to their jobs tomorrow in two of the company's four pits. Battuello said the mines which would resume operations tomorrow are located at Eagerville and Sawyerville.
      Battuello asserted that Dwight Wilcox, general superintendent of the company's four mines, planned to open the other two pits, located at Wilsonville and Mt. Claire, later in the week.

The Daily Illini, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Volume 273
Friday, July 28, 1939, page 2
- - - - -
      LITCHFIELD, Ill., July 27. --(AP)-- Gladys Laird, 21, died today of injuries suffered early Monday in an automobile accident near Sawyerville.

The Daily Illini, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Volume 69 Number 87
Wednesday, February 8, 1961, Page 7
Kerner Names 3 to Cabinet, Fills Posts in Administration
- - - - -
      SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP)-- Gov. Otto Kerner named three more members to his Cabinet Tuesday and filled a dozen other posts in his new administration.
. . .
Jasper E. "Jack" Wenzel, 49, of Sawyerville, as aeronautics director.
. . .
Wenzel, a lawyer, spent three years in the Naval Air Force during World War II, specializing in fighter direction.

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