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Macoupin County is a county located in the south central part of Illinois.
            39.26° N, 89.92° W
Macoupin County was established on January 17, 1829, formed out of Greene and Madison Counties and probably named for Macoupin Creek.
On the 2010 census, the population was 47,765.
The county seat of Macoupin County is Carlinville, Illinois.
There are twenty-six townships in Macoupin County :
      Barr, Bird, Brighton, Brushy Mound, Bunker Hill, Cahokia, Carlinville, Chesterfield, Dorchester, Gillespie, Girard, Hillyard, Honey Point, Mount Olive, Nilwood, North Otter, North Palmyra, Polk, Scottville, Shaws Point, Shipman, South Otter, South Palmyra, Staunton, Virden, Western Mound.
Some of the cities, towns, villages and communities are :
      Atwater, Benld, Brighton, Bunker Hill, Carlinville, Chesterfield, Comer, Dorchester, Eagarville, East Gillespie, Enos, Gillespie, Girard, Hagaman, Hettick, Lake Ka-ho, McVey, Medora, Miles Station, Modesto, Mount Clare, Mount Olive, Nilwood, Palmyra, Royal Lakes, Sawyerville, Scottville, Shipman, South Standard, Standard City, Staunton, Summerville, Virden, White City, Wilsonville, Womac, Woodburn
First Known Coal Mines In Macoupin County was in 1867
Coal Mines ~ listed alphabetically

Starting Year of Known Coal Mines - 1800s
Listed by last known name
Year Mine Name Township
1867 Empire No. 4 Girard
1867 Naylor Bunker Hill
1869 Consolidated No. 14 Staunton
1869 Voge Staunton
1870 South (Bartels) Carlinville
1871 Hoosier Mt.Olive
1871 Staunton No. 5 Staunton
1874 Consolidated No. 9 Mt. Olive
1876 Sievers Staunton
1877 Consolidated No. 10 Mt. Olive
1878 Bremen Chesterfield
1878 Bode Western Mound
1878 South (Lukins & Andrews) Virden
1878 Union Fuel No. 1 Nilwood
1878 Standard 1A Air Shaft Carlinville
1879 Neil Bunker Hill
1881 Staunton No. 7 Staunton
1881 Consolidated No. 6 Staunton
1881 Consolidated No. 8 Mt. Olive
1881 Crow Nollow No. 2 Bunker Hill
1881 Dorsey Gillespie
1881 Gillespie Gillespie
1881 Hornsby Cahokia
1882 Anchor Mt.Olive
1882 Davis Western Mound
1882 Medora Shipman
before 1883 Old Calamity Carlinville
1886 Walden Western Mound
1889 Shipman Shipman
1892 Dawson Western Mound
1892 North (Virden MC) Virden
1892 Virden Virden
1893 Davis Western Mound
1893 McCormick Western Mound
1895 Ridge No. 6 Nilwood
1897 Paulis No. 1 Western Mound
1898 Davis Western Mound

Coal Mines by Township
Brighton Township
      F & M Mine
      Lovejoy Mine
      Weaver Mine
Brushy Mound Township
      Monterey No. 1 Mine - Shay Mine
Bunker Hill Township
      Bauser Mine
      Bunker Hill Mine / Neil Mine
      Crow Hollow Mine No. 1
      Crow Hollow Mine No. 2
      Jordan Mine
      Naylor Mine
Carlinville Township
      Old Calamity Mine
      South Mine (1)
      South Mine (2)
      Standard Mine
      Standard B Mine
Cahokia Township
      Gillespie Mine
      Hornsby Mine
      Kimberly Mine
      Superior No. 1 Mine
      Superior No. 2 Mine
      Superior Coal Washing Plant
Chesterfield Township
      Bremen Mine
      Chesterfield Mine
Dorchester Township
      Superior No. 4 Mine
      Voge Mine
Gillepsie Township
      Dorsey Mine
      Little Dog MIne
      Superior No. 3 Mine
Girard Township
      Crown Mine No. 2
      Empire Mine No. 4
Mt. Olive Township
      Anchor Mine
      Bell & Zoller No. 15 Mine
      Consolidated No. 8 Mine
      Consolidated No. 9 Mine
      Consolidated No. 10 Mine
      Hoosier Mine
Nilwood Township
      Ridge Mine No. 6
      Standard Mine
      Union Fuel Mine No. 1
Scotville Township
      Dugger & Tulley Mine
      Lake & Henry Mine
      Mustard Mine
      Woods Mine
Shaw's Point Township
      Standard B Mine
Shipman Township
      Medora Mine
      Shipman Mine
Staunton Township
      Consolidated No. 6 Mine
      Consolidated No. 14 Mine
      Sievers Mine
      Staunton No. 5 Mine
      Staunton No. 7 Mine
Virden Township
      North Mine
      Royal No. 2 Mine
      South Mine
      Virden Mine
Western Mound Township
      Bode Mine
      Bowman & Johnson Mine
      Davis Mine
      Davis Mine (2)
      Davis Mine (3)
      Davis Mine (4)
      Dawson Mine
      Falcutt Mine
      Harbaugh Mine
      McCormick Mine
      Palulis Mine No. 1
      Pitchford Mine
      Walden Mine

Biographies ~ ~ Coal Mining
      BARTELS, William G.    Macoupin County Coal Mines
      BECK, Clarence V.    Little Dog Coal Mine
      BIRK / RIES, Mamie    Certified training in First Aid by the Department of Mines and Minerals
      BUTTERS, Alexander    Macoupin County Coal Mines
      FRIES, Frank W.    Coal Miner 1920 - 1921; U S Congress 1937 - 1941; Arbitrator, Coal Mining Ind. 1941 - 1969
      GALLAGHER, James A.
      GALLAGHER, James P.    Coal Miner
      GALLAGHER, Owen Joseph    Coal Miner
      STRUTHERS, James    Coal Miner
Photo Tribute ~ ~ Coal Miners of Macoupin County
      Emile DUMEZ
      Louis DUMEZ
      James A. GALLAGHER
      Owen J. GALLAGHER
      Cobus J. KEISER
      William MICKALITES
      Gabriel PELLOCK
      Henry PRANGE
      George VERBIC
Brief Biographies ~ ~ Men & Coal in Macoupin County
      Christopher C. ARSTRONG
      William G. BARTELS
      W. H. BEHRENS
      Alexander BUTTERS
      Joseph P. HEBENSTREIT
      Andrew J. KEISER
      Frederick SCHULTZ
      August SIEVERS
      Andrew H. SKELTON
      James STRUTHERS
      Henry VOGE
      Charles R. WALL

Coal & Coal Mining in Illinois
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