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Macoupin County, Illinois
Wilsonville Population Sign
Population    2000 Census - 604
Postal Zip Code    6 2 0 9 3
Telephone Area Code    217
Latitude    39° 4' 12" North
Longitude    89° 51' 15" West
Wilsonville Watertower
Photograph courtesy of Denise Simpson
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Superior Coal Company No. 4 Coal Mine
Superior Coal Company No. 4 Coal Mine
"Number 4"
was at Wilsonville and it opened in 1916 and closed in 1954
      In 1902 the Superior Coal Company began to open mines in the area.
      The Superior Coal Company was owned by Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company, which had three of the largest coal mines in world for the first half of the twentieth century.
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      The Village of Wilsonville in its early days was named Wilson, named after President Wilson. In 1919 when the town was incorporated it was then called Wilsonville. The Village of Wilsonville was ruled by an aldermanic government, consisting of a mayor, clerk, treasurer, and six aldermen.
      With the population reaching 1,500 in the year 1925, Wilsonville changed from a village to a staus of a city.
      At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Wilsonville, Illinois, on March 11, 1932, nominations were made for a Volunteer Fire Company to consist of 25 active members.
      On March 11, 1932, a special meeting was held by the nominees for the organization in the town hall of Wilsonville, Illinois.
      Dominick Cavallo was elected chairman and Louis Pellegrini was elected secretary.
1983 Governor's Home Town Award
1983 Governor's
Home Town Award

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Wilsonville, Illinois
History    &    Genealogy

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City of Wilsonville
Wilsonville Community Center
Community Center
Aerial Photograph    taken in 1977
City Government    January 1, 2011
Landfill and Lawsuit
Alexander A. & Ursula SIMINAS
Baptist Church
Holy Cross Church
Life Harvest Ministries
2010 Christmas Celebrations
      Holiday Senior Dinner & Kids Christmas Party
March 31, 2012 - Vietnam Veterans
      Welcome Home Caravan
      Wilsonville holds a Seniors "Get-Together" for age 50 years and older every Thursday at 12:30 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. Food is brought for eating and games are played.
      Every other month in the evening an "Outing" is held.

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1932 Fire Department Plaque
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Ranearo "Ranny" R. ANTONACCI
Pearl P. ( nee Antonacci ) DUMEZ
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City of Wilsonville
January 1, 2011
Mayor / President Don Harvill  
Clerk Deno Fillippini  
Treasurer Linda Smith  
Trustees  Harold Besserman, Sr. Special Projects
  Harold Besserman, Jr. Streets & Alleys
  George Vincent Police & Ordinance
  Dianna Sloan Water & Sewer
  Keith Mohr Parks
Police Department - 217-835-4411
To report a Fire      - 217-835-2498

Life Harvest Ministries
409 North Sawyer Street
Wilsonville, Illinois 62093
Telephone - 217-835-7771
Fax - 217-835-7772
E-mail - lifeharvest@frontier.com
Pastors :
      Stephen & Belinda Martin
Youth Pastors :
      Lawrence & Katie Price
Senior Pastor :
      Kenneth Martin

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